December Fitness Challenge – Hit the Slopes

For December I am strongly recommending that everyone who has never tried skiing/snowboarding or tried once but didn’t have success; to go out and give it another try. Weather forecasts predict that his winter will be an El Nino year. What that means is that you can expect to see larger than normal snow falls at most resorts.

November Fitness Challenge – Pick Your Poison

So I have recommended Neila Rey’s site a few times now and it has only improved with time. She’s now got more challenges posted up there then I can keep up with. So for November, I am recommending you discover her impressive page where she lists her numerous fitness challenges ( The holidays are just around the corner and belt buckles are bound to flex under the pressure.

January 30 Day Squat Challenge

Two challenges for January 2014. The first is the SQUAT CIRCUIT and the second FITNESS AMBASSADOR. For January, challenge yourself to get to 200 squats in one session starting at 30 on January 1st. Beach legs by February for all, click for more..

December 30 Day Ab Challenge

I came across this 30 Day Ab Challenge while scouring Pinterest earlier today. I have been looking for some fitness motivation outside of my usual running over the last few weeks. I think I have found it and I hope some of you might join me in attempting to complete all these workouts over the next month. There is one rest day included every 5 days and the workouts build by 5% each session. So, if you stay consistent, it is very doable.