Week by Week – W52Y2016

25 Dec , 2016 Culture

Happy Holidays, and I mean Happy Holidays! There is too much diversity around me to simply say Merry Christmas. I wish people on the far right would go over their sensitivity about the phrase Happy Holidays. Inclusion should not make you feel smaller, if it does, it’s your problem not mine. To celebrate, this year we donated money to charity and just spent time with family. Materialism will no longer be a part of the holidays for me.

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November Fitness Challenge – Pick Your Poison

1 Nov , 2014 Culture,Sports

November Fitness Challenge – Pick Your Poison

So I have recommended Neila Rey’s site a few times now and it has only improved with time. She’s now got more challenges posted up there then I can keep up with. So for November, I am recommending you discover her impressive page where she lists her numerous fitness challenges ( The holidays are just around the corner and belt buckles are bound to flex under the pressure.

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