It Takes a Village

22 May , 2012 Culture,Lifestyle

This week has been so rewarding because I have seen a number of examples of people sacrificing and working as a team for the betterment of everyone. First there was Angela and her friends doing the spin class together on Saturday. I believe whole heartedly that strong and positive fitness buddies help each person achieve new levels. Then there was The Biggest Loser and the youngest participant Mike gave his prize of free groceries for a year to Aubrey who has five kids. I wish we were all half as graceful as that young man. Then there was watching Angela’s cousins stop fighting long enough to work together to get the chores done on time and get to having fun. Next was Tank Johnson, of the Dallas Cowboy, starting up his own efforts to find his lost NFL colleagues at sea.

All of these events have only emphasized for me that it takes a village and that we are all signatories on the same social contract. If we learn anything from this socio-economic downturn it should be that the superficial does not matter and that we should concentrate on working together to make the best world for all of us despite our ideological differences. I believe the most important area where it takes all of us is in the bringing up of children. Yet, parents have to open to this and realize, that the special valuation they place on their kids does not make them above the rules. We need to give educators back the ability to really discipline and teach children. So, each of us should no longer bite our tongues when we see the spastic kid running amuck in the store and the mindless parent not doing anything about it. If someone does not tell the kids what is right then they will grow up ill adjusted.

On a more happy note, I discovered more great African music this weekend. This time it was the music of Wasis Diop. He is a solo recording artist from Senegal and the song that won me was “Everything (… Is Never Quite Enough)” from his 1998 album Toxu; wow, 1998, I discover things too late. The song is a beautiful teleportation to a distant sea of bright burning sand, a haze of heat, wind worn scarves covering your face while gazing into a busy and violent emptiness. I wish Wasis’ music were the main news coming from Senegal and not the bastardy of the rubbish leaders there destroying countless futures. I learned of Wasis while at Eros Tapas Bar this weekend celebrating a friends birthday. The song was playing overhead and the DJ was kind enough to give me the song details; thank God for non-egotistical DJ’s who know what the people want. I really recommend everyone check out Eros and Wasis.

Not a bad week for working out, cleared 20 some odd miles and the weather was perfect for running this past weekend. Seriously, Georgia, snow Sunday and 70+ the next, WTF!!! Up next, pollen season bringing yellow covered cars cooking under unforgiving summer rays, peering through dusty windows at seer sucker suits crossing walkways using umbrellas for shields and sullen faces on Marta benches thinking of some distant stretch of beach with cool ocean breezes blowing hair past their faces while the ebbing tide cools their feet. We sprang forward this weekend into the rising oven heat that is Georgia. Here is to iced tea, pool partis and air conditioning.

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