January 2012 – Fighting Complacency

31 Jan , 2012 Lifestyle

I titled this post to correspond with my over arching endeavor for 2012. That goal being to, as I like to call it, be deadly focused. Meaning that like a steamroller, I want to move swiftly and uncompromisngly through whatever I am working at. Entering the new year I didn’t want to rattle off a long list of a half dozen cupcake resolutions that, like for most people, will probably be forgotten after a while. To be fair, I did throw a few up on my website for the fun of it, but as you can see below, they aren’t your typical eat healthier, work out more, be nicer type of stuff.

  1. Finish an Ironman.
  2. Be more direct in speaking.
  3. Solve teleportation or time travel.

I may or may not complete these (feeling confident about the time travel thing). What I do want to do, however, is resolve myself to fighting the one thing that often hinders people from seeing their resolutions through. Complacency! For those who know me closely, you’ll know that I started a new position with a new company after 4 and a half years with my previous one. Since I switched, I have come to learn one thing; I wrapped up my tenure (at least the last two years of it) at my previous gig in a state of complacency so bad, that I think I literally regressed intellectually. I don’t want to completely trash my old employer, it was at least half my fault. I will say that the stagnant nature of the role made for a less ambitious and driven professional me.

In short, complacency kills. For me, it was brain cells. My professional and technical skills deteriorated in a way that I am nearly ashamed of. I think I had so much great progress in my athletic and personal life that I naturally assumed my professional self was advancing as well. It was bad enough assuming like I did, but it would be worse to leave things as they are. I can only go about changing things by utilizing the same approach I take with other aspects of my life. Through behavioral analysis, high energy and metrics, I hope to become the most well balanced and complete me yet.

In my personal life I am a big user of many online resources and tools to help Angela and I stay organized and moving forward. I use lifehacker to get great tips on how to become more efficient and productive. We use pageonce to keep the finances in order and bills paid. TripIt and Kayak come in handy for maximizing vacation days, since we love to travel. Of course runkeeper is the absolute definitive means for recording and analyzing athletic performance.

However, I do hope to employ more professional coaching to get additional feedback and motivation to take my athletic performance to a new level.Likewise, it is professionally that I will have to identify new tools and methods to help me advance. I’ve already begun to leverage codecademy to help me get my technical skills back in line. I’m also working at a goal to read more career related texts. I’ll leverage conferences and meet ups for peer input and advice.

Also, while I love music and movies, I’ve been trying to listen more to news radio, add documentaries back in the mix, and get the hell out of the house to work on something worthwhile (like this blog) on weekends. Ultimately, I hope not to check off that I read ‘X’ number of books or went to so many events; but that I can look back and see real and measurable improvement from where I was at whenever the next life change should happen. “All things change in a dynamic environment, you’re effort to remain what you are is what limits you.” – Ghost in the Shell. I used to love this quote, it’s time I reconnected with it.

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