January 30 Day Squat Challenge

5 Jan , 2014 Sports

January 30 Day Squat Challenge

Two challenges for January 2014. The first is the SQUAT CIRCUIT and the second FITNESS AMBASSADOR. For January, challenge yourself to get to 200 squats in one session starting at 30 on January 1st. Beach legs by February for all, see below.

The second, is more of a personal character challenge. We all know newbies will flood the gym this month. It is easy to bet how long they will last, it is harder to get them to stick with it. So, I challenge everyone, whether in the gym or while out for a ride or even at the water cooler, to drop the snarky attitudes, quiet the sarcasm and be a positive ambassador for sports. Try and help as many new fitness converts motivated by their New Year’s Resolutions to stick with the plan and still be there in February.

Squat Challenge

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