June 30-Day Batman Challenge

1 Jun , 2014 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

June 30-Day Batman Challenge

So my birthday just passed and I have honestly never felt older. To be fair, I am coming off of a 3-month training period but I could do a lot better job at taking care of myself. I grew up reading a lot of comics and am a big fan of super hero films. So, like the Dark Knight coming back from a hiatus, I want to get back to push myself to my maximum potential and hold on to what youth remains. The workout challenge for June 2014 is of course, the Batman Challenge.  

I came across this from Neila Rey’s awesome fitness website. On the site you can find many fitness challenges, training tips, and nutrition plans. It consists primarily of two movement routines, repeated 3x each. You can also find challenges designed around other heroes such as Captain America, Jack Bauer, and Superman. This month’s challenge will not be easy but the youthful energy and explosive potential you should feel at the end of the month. I am not dead yet, so until then, the pain is temporary and worth it.

Batman Challenge

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