June/July 2012 – Glass Half Full

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June/July 2012 – Glass Half Full

So, I know I am late with this blog posting; but I have a good excuse, if you’ll indulge me. I can unequivocally say, that these last two months have been the most whirlwind ride I have ever been on. In a nutshell, June and July were a massive freight train of activity that ran over me at full speed. I admit I felt a bit overwhelmed at times but I came away from it all thankful that my life is as eventful as it is. Hence, the title of this blog post. Two weddings, hosting another, going through the tech startup pains, birthday parties, house-warming parties and wrapping up a successful 2011-2012 Xterra Trail running campaign. Yeah, this summer has been a marathon in many ways.

Not surprisingly, fall will be a marathon march of half-marathons. We plan on competing in about 4-5 half-marathons between August and November. Why, well, just because we’re nuts like that. Beginning August 18, we start our fall running season with the Area 13.1 half marathon Roswell. After that we enter into the Xterra Trail Running National Championship half marathon in Ogden Utah. We’re very excited enter this race finally and making our very first trip for a race. After that, the fall running season really picks up with the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Challenge, Beautiful Back Country 50 mile bike ride, the Monster Dash half marathon, Atlanta Thanksgiving Day half marathon and a few other races sprinkled about. If you’re looking for some new exciting races and people to run them with, just check out any of these links and come join us this fall.

Keeping with sports and looking at the immediate future of my fitness goals; The path seems daunting. For August I am shooting for super challenging totals that will hopefully get me ready to be really competitive this fall. I have three specific cardio goals that I am aiming for. I hope to swim a total of 4.8 miles, bike a total of 224 miles, and run a total of 52.4 miles. For those keeping track that mileage is equal to 2 full Ironman races, though I’m eating those elephants in small chunks. I have chased that total mileage goal for a year now and hope to finally crack it in August. I guess you could call this challenge my homage to the Olympic creed, “Citius, Altius, Fortius.” I will probably shrivel up, but I hope that the strength training I have added into my routine will help keep me from looking too frail. Angela and I gave it a trial spin most of July and the picture below illustrates what results we got from the new workout plan.

Hilton Head Island Beach

Angela and I in Hilton Head Island.

Fitness aside these last two months have brought me some of the greatest emotional highs ever and the most important and meaningful day in my life to date. It was so great to celebrate the wedding of two couples that we enjoy so much and for them to in turn come and celebrate with us as well. In fact, it was so heart warningly surprising to see the level of support from friends and family bestowed upon Angela and I had at our wedding this July. All we wanted was a party to celebrate our union but I think we came away with emboldened relationships and memories illustrated in a sea of images that still choke me up when I scroll through them. We are truly grateful and fortunate. As cheesy as it probably is, I plan to upload in a separate post a video highlighting the best from our wedding. Let me not forget to thank our absolutely wonderful friends and family in the wedding party that bent over backwards to make our event so meaningful. I can’t forget to throw a shout out to the staff at Marriott Surf Watch for accommodating us and helping host our event. If you haven’t stayed at any of the Marriott resorts,then you’re not rewarding yourself with first class hospitality.

To wrap up, as the first of many notices, I am letting everyone know that we are officially kicking off our Spin for Kids 2012 fundraising campaign and need your support. If you know about this event then you know we won’t stop hounding all of you all for support, but we wouldn’t do it if this cause wasn’t so important to us. 100% of every dollar you raise will help send extraordinary kids facing serious illnesses, disabilities, and other life challenges to Camp Twin Lakes.

Spin for Kids

Like last year, the goal of this event is to raise money for Camp Twin Lakes which helps give kids with life threatening and debilitating illnesses the supportive and nurturing environment where they can be kids and escape from their pain even if just for a bit. Last year, with your help, our team raised over $2,500 for Camp Twin Lakes and this year we’re aiming to double that. Check out our team page here and donate today. Thanks for your support and enjoy the gallery below highlighting the last two months.

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