Kultur and the Other

22 May , 2012 Culture

Modernism is “above all a culture of the sensational event, through which art and life both become a matter of energy and are fused into one.” – Eksteins, Modris, Rites of Spring. 1989 New York: First Mariner Books, 2000.

This week’s post comes late but I aim to make it no less substantive. I spent most of this past week exchanging cultural currency; and I learned that the exchange rate is 1 to 1, when ideology does not interfere. I spent most of the week in Alabama, working with local finance representatives while in sync with international finance representatives from Asia Pacific and Europe over a video conference with our London office. We went to the Indian Holi festival and ate at Desi Spice with both Indian and American friends. Finally, we spent Sunday taking young Vietnamese kids shopping for shoes.

I took from all of this, that we are all the same. Be it Chinese New Year, Holi, St. Patrick’s Day, or any other social holiday we all seek more prosperous times where community and hope out live our fears and troubles. If it were only that simple, for in comes the lumbering and ominous shadow of ideology surging between the towers of cities world wide to divide and isolate us. Yet, if we can drown down its roars and hate, we can find a new blending of the dialogues of culture to diminish even the visions of Alexander. I love diversity and am now even more grateful for that 5th grade lesson where my teacher made it clear to me that it takes all kinds to make up this world and how boring it would be if we really got everyone else to be just like us.


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