Death & Resurrection

22 May , 2012 Culture,Lifestyle

I felt the need to write about the idea of death and resurrection naturally following Easter Sunday. I am not a religious person but I understand the magnanimity of this day. I have always been moved by Easter Sunday not solely for the story of Jesus, but because of the idea of redemption. I am a big believer in man’s ability to be redeemed and for reconciliation. These points are even more telling as this past week marked the 15 year anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide.

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Recommendations and Catching Up…

22 May , 2012 Culture,Lifestyle

It has been quite a while since my last post. I have been insanely inundated with work and life, but I still wish that I had been able to find the time to post even the smallest tidbits in the interim. With apologies out of the way, this post will be, of course, fairly long. I want to focus on some recommendations of music and electronics that I have discovered recently as well as a glimpse forward into activities and events I am anticipating.

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Bumble Bee in California

22 May , 2012 Lifestyle,Travel

I said I would write about each of our trips this year and here is the first entry. I am fortunate enough to have my birthday fall on Memorial Day weekend. I am even more fortunate to have great friends to join me on a return trip to California as part of my celebration. Angela and I have gotten good at adding 1-3 PTO days to natural 3-day holiday weekends making for nice multiple 4-7 day vacations without too much effort. This approach allows us to take our standard work vacation allotment and stretch two to three times as far. I recommend this method to everyone.

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Not Worth Mentioning

22 May , 2012 Lifestyle

The title of this blog post is fitting because it is late and I did nothing really worth mentioning last week. I don’t think I ever felt lazier in my life then I did last week. I don’t know if t has to do with the increasing pollen and my allergies but I was in […]

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In Praise of Trivia, Card & Board Games

22 May , 2012 Lifestyle

In what was an interesting week, Angela and I spent the a good part of it playing board, trivia, or card games. We spent Wednesday night at Fado’s Irish Pub playing team trivia. Friday night we played a round of ‘Killer Bunnies’ with our friends Andrew and Starr. Finally, we spent the evening with some friends observing earth hour and playing Trivial Pursuit by candle light. There are so many great reasons to enjoy and participate in such games.

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