March 30 Day Burpee Challenge

28 Feb , 2014 Sports

March 30 Day Burpee Challenge

Here is a great workout challenge for March 2014. I came across this challenge on 30 Day Fitness Challenge website. A great site that also has a companion app for iOS and Android. Burpees aren’t easy but they may the most complete body weight workout you can do. There are many variants but for constancy sake try just the standard burpee push up. Here is a link to a great article, “How Many Calories Do Burpees Burn And How Many You Should Be Doing“, on all the variations on the burpee, technique and load guidance over at the Positive Health Wellness site.  If you more of a challenge then take on one of the variations on the burped like the box-jump burpee. Pace yourself, stay consistent and enjoy. Feel to share, pin and repost as you want.

30 Day Burpee Challenge

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