May 2012 – Another Year Older

31 May , 2012 Lifestyle

First off, I hope you like the redesigned website. If not, well, you know what to do (GFY). Every May, for those who don’t know, is my birthday month. This one, I can say, was another great birthday for me. Hell, you have to be thankful every time you get to see another one. Even with that, you can’t help but feel that birthdays after thirty are a little bit sweet & sour. As happy as you are to celebrate one more year of life, you can’t help but look out onto the horizon of your life and feel it getting too close. Pressure builds to accomplish great things and enjoy what youth remains. I believe I strive to succeed at both these goals, but of course only time will tell.

Thinking about being great makes me think about the two men I have looked up to the most in my life. These two have demonstrated for me the same simple and important facts about life. I’ve tried to make their approaches to life the same driving motivations for my own. It all boils down to this quote here that you’ve probably heard before.

You’re as young or old as you want to be!

My father was a big kid all of his short life. Always the life of the party and always open to indulge a kid’s imagination to turn an office desk into a G.I. Joe base. My friend, Ted Pappas, doesn’t hold back at anything; from climbing mountains, to IronMan races, to 100 mile ultra-marathons. These two belong right next to the Most Interesting Man in the World. I hope to accomplish about half of what they have and leave as positive a mark on the world. I think most of the people I have most admired have been the eccentric type and/or trail blazers. Leaving the judgmental opinions of others in their rear view mirror as they crush a path forward.

Unsurprisingly, I try to live my life this way. For those that don’t understand me, I must come off as disconnected and weird (metro is a common one I hear). I guess that learning the reality of death at such an early age has always had me focused on being ready to move on to the next thing and uninterested in traditions. On that note, I am so looking forward to the many milestones for the rest of this year. Angela and I are throwing a crazy wedding party in a couple of months. We are also going to see a few great weddings. We’ll of course put our bodies through a ton of tough races this fall. Traveling somewhere is always in the plans. Etc., Etc., Etc. The future in all, looks promising.

I feel like I’m heading into my Hemingway-like prime years. What could be decades of adventure, travel and drinking. I have a few bucket list items I hope to check off. I don’t want to trace the footsteps of Hemingway himself, but I so want to live as fearless as he did. I’d love to complete an IronMan race, climb a famous peak like half dome, sleep on a glacier, and so on. The key will be not letting all of the ills of aging (skin, joints, hangover recovery, etc) deter me. I hope my final visions are beautiful, but I’ll take a moment now to reflect on the ones from this past month,  spent with my wonderful friends and family.

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