April 2015 Fitness Challenge – Finding Motivation

I’ll be honest, 2015 has been a non-starter training year for me thus far. My workouts have been inconsistent and half-hearted at best. To put it simply, I have had no motivation to train at the levels I once did. My mileage is at an all-time low, my elite memberships on various fitness sites have expired and I am not registered for ANY events this year.

New Year’s Resolution Enforcement

Having trouble sticking to that New Year’s Resolution? Well try monetizing the incentive to complete it. A new site stickK helps you to reach goals by contracting you to a monetary commitment for failing to meet your objectives.

January 2012 – Fighting Complacency

I titled this post to correspond with my over arching endeavor for 2012. That goal being to, as I like to call it, be deadly focused. Meaning that like a steamroller, I want to move swiftly and uncompromisngly through whatever I am working at. Entering the new year I didn’t want to rattle off a long list of a half dozen cupcake resolutions that, like for most people, will probably be forgotten after a while. To be fair, I did throw a few up on my website for the fun of it, but as you can see below, they aren’t your typical eat healthier, work out more, be nicer type of stuff.

Buying Performance

This is my last blog post of 2011. I thought it would be a good idea to post on a topic that dominated most of 2011 for me and will consume a lot of my time in 2012. Not hard to guess, it’s athletics. Specifically, I want to talk about the ability to buy performance gains in sports.