Never Forget

11 Sep , 2020 Culture

Never Forget

Never forget the nearly 200,000 plus lives lost because of an incompetent, greedy, and hateful administration that was elected and allowed to run unchecked. Remember daily the names of all those slain under bigotry. Breonna, George, Ahmaud, and too many others; our collective soul fracturing with every loss. Consider how justice goes unserved in the face of all the compelling evidence.

Never forget that too many friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family members showed you who they really are this year. How they embraced conspiracy theories, voted for cowards, and were too selfish to put on a mask. See them living contently under a Caste system that destroys communities, but at least they are not at the bottom.

Never forget that we as Americans have done more psychological, social, economic and environmental harm to ourselves than any outsider. Understand how anti-intellectualism and climate denial allow damage to pile up; the bill for all the waste handed down to the next generation. Stop looking to the past for our worst days. Instead understand history to address the ills that plague us now.

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