Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe Review

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe Review


I decided that after collecting over 400 miles on my On Cloud Flow running shoes, I would distribute that load over two pairs of running shoes going forward. One pair for short distance and one for long distance. I run about 4 times a week so the shoes would see equal use. The short distance pair I got was the new On Cloud X which I wrote a review about here. I researched a lot of long distance options and decided to go with the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 as my long distance shoe. I went with these because the overall reviews had been very positive, I have also had extensive experience with Nike running shoes. Moreover, this pair is specifically targeted towards the Marathoner crowd.


Subjectively, I find the design of the latest Air Zoom Pegasus to be both beautiful and contemporary in styling. In particular, the Sky Blue color really grabbed me. On the downside, they are almost impossible to keep clean. I usually go with dark colors for this reason but could not pass up this limited edition pair.

As far as feel, when I first put them on they felt a little snug in toe box, and narrower in width than my last two On Cloud shoes. I immediately, noticed a very stiff sole difference from most of the shoes I have been using lately. The heel area felt a little loose. Additionally, the shoes have a thick and multi-layered upper with vented top layer and a sewn in tongue for firmer fit.

Since the shoes were a little tight when I first put them on I decided to wear them around for a couple of days to break them in and loosen them up before taking them out on the first run. I think the strategy worked. By the time I put them on the third day my feet felt really good across the entire shoe and the toe box seem to have loosened up a little bit. Over time, the shoes have really become more comfortable.

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Activity Testing

As usual, I tested the shoes across my three key activities; walking, running, and cross-training.

Running Use

My first run in the shoes couldn’t of been more complete. I ran through a rainy drizzly day across multiple surfaces and it was a middle distance run. From the very first step I can feel the difference in cushioning and solid ride compared to the On Cloud running shoes I’ve been using. I could tell immediately that the shoes were meant for long distance running.

I really really enjoyed the sole of the shoes. While running across multiple surfaces in the rain I never felt shaky or without solid footing. I also love the response through the shoe back through my legs. I felt like I was getting a little bit of boost with every strike.

I also appreciate the solid waffle pattern on the bottom of the sole because it prevents rocks from getting stuck in the sole like they do in the on cloud running shoes. Also I noticed how much I’ve missed Nike signature waffle pattern on the bottom of their shoes has felt in the traction that I grabbed got while running across multiple services.

Walking Use

I took the first weekend I had these to go on about a collective 9 mile walk with the dog and wife. I went on these walks when my legs were very heavy and tired from lots of running and workouts. I went on one walk at a fast pace and the other at a leisurely stroll. The walks were without a doubt easy on my heels and back. I always strike heel first when walking which can easily cause back pain. I felt like I could walk forever in these shoes.

I have completed over 20-plus miles of walking in these shoes since purchasing. There have been no considerable wear patterns along the heels. Additionally, my back has felt great all the while. While I do like walking in them, I find that they feel a little like stilts. I prefer the wider base of the On Cloud or Nike Free for walking than these.

Training Use

The traction and footing on these shoes is unparalleled. I really felt confident in these during my HIIT and cross training workouts. They transitioned perfectly from floor work to treadmill sprints with ease. I never felt my feet shift in the shoes during lateral movement. There are a couple of uses where the shoe is not ideal. Any move where the toe area is hyper flexed, i.e. lunges, don’t work as well because of the rigid sole. I also recommend lacing the shoes tightly to get the most out of them when in a boot camp type of class.

By the time of this post, I have put over 60 miles on these shoes. I would recommend most for their distance benefits. They are definitely meeting the purpose I got them for which was to be a solid rotational shoe for long runs. I love the added style and cross-training benefits but would probably go to any of the On Running variants first for that type of training or short runs. I can’t wait to see what Nike comes out with for 2018 and I hope there is a FlyKnit version as well.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 - Product Comparison

I’ll stick to comparing these shoes against the last three running shoes I have owned.
CATEGORYvs. On Cloud Flowvs. On Cloud Xvs. Nike Zoom Pegasus
Style:Zoom Pegasus 34TieZoom Pegasus 34
Running Use:Zoom Pegasus 34Zoom Pegasus 34Zoom Pegasus 34
Walking Use:Cloud FlowCloud XZoom Pegasus 34
Training Use:Zoom Pegasus 34Cloud XZoom Pegasus 34
Feel:Cloud FlowTieZoom Pegasus 34
Durability:Cloud FlowTieZoom Pegasus 34
Weight:TieCloud XZoom Pegasus 34

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 - Summary

8 out of 10Fit is overall more adaptable to every activity type. Gets dirty very easily.
Stiffer sole and more cushioning. A bit narrow in width.
Much better grip on sole. Lacing system is not great.

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