Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Shoe Review

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Shoe Review


Nike released the 36th iteration of the Air Zoom Pegasus in June of 2019. Here is my review of the latest version of one my all time favorites. There is a reason this shoe is Nike’s all-time best-selling running shoe, and the tradition continues with these.


So, not a lot has changed in the overall design between this year’s edition and last year’s. You can read my review of the previous version here. The biggest change would be in the venting all around the upper fabric. Gone is the larger perforated mesh pattern from before. Instead the smaller breathing openings run all around the shoe. They do seem to breath better than before by providing ventilation around the entire foot.

The entirety of the sole utilizes the Cushlon foam which provides a smooth and even stride no matter what kind of foot striker you are. The material for the heel and tongue are more aerodynamic and slim. The shoe just feels more balanced in every way. The tongue is secured to the body and upper of the shoe with stretchable fabric that is not quite Flyknit but still great.

The lacing system consists of consists of eye holes in the tongue opening along with “Flywire” cords affixed to the body itself. The combination provides a secure fit around the foot from every angle. Although I did notice some trial and error with avoiding hotspots around the crown of the foot when adjusting the tension on the laces. I would again recommend a quick lace system that removes the trial and error.



As usual, I tested the shoes across my three key activities; walking, running, and cross-training. I usually get about a month of activity on the shoes before reviewing. At the time of this post I have put 150 miles of testing of use on these shoes.

Running Use

I started these off with a bang; putting them through their paces in an 8 mile road race in the first use. No break-in period at all. They performed marvelously. The lacing system had the shoes feeling solid and firmly in place. The tread was great on a course that covered road, paved trail, with small areas of sand and dirt. The Air Zoom Pegasus is just far and above the rest at this point for me.

I felt great the next day after the race. The cushioning in these shoes is really great at energy transfer and shock distribution. So, your legs are not jelly or super stiff the next day. I accumulated over 50 miles on paved trail, roads, and treadmills in about 3 weeks testing these out. Same great responsiveness and feeling no matter the surface.

Despite the reliability, these definitely are not going to be your next pair of “FAST” racing shoes. They were intended to be used for training and that is what they are best at. It’s hard to maintain an aggressive toe strike first stride with these over many miles. There is just a little too much weight and thickness in the sole for that.

Walking Use

I also jumped straight into a longer walk with these. Following my long run with a 6 mile recovery walk the next day. It’s normal to have a gate that is a little off after a long run or race. Sometimes making for an inconsistent stride. Even with that frustration, these shoes were fun and comfortable to walk in. The heel and sole are just so well cushioned and wide enough to adapt to anything.

These would make for some expensive walking shoes but for the days in between runs when you want to get in some easy recovery, they will work great. I also love the styling a lot. Particularly the grey trim I went with that includes the natural rubber sole. They double as a great pair of everyday casual trainers.

Training Use

These shoes are clearly not designed for Crossfit workouts or similar. But they are serviceable. I mentioned this on the previous Zoom models, but it should be restated here. The tilt on the sole of these shoes combined with the slim footprint, makes them all about running. When you are trying to do a lot of lateral movements and jumping, you will notice the limitations. It may be ideal to just buy a lower end generic workout shoe for those gym sessions.

Regardless, I love these shoes. I don’t really do a lot of cross training anymore (to my own detriment), so I am not concerned with how they perform in a fitness studio.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 - Product Comparison

I’ll stick to comparing these shoes against the last three running shoes I have owned.
CATEGORYvs. Nike Air Zoom Turbo 2018vs. On Cloudswiftvs. Nike Zoom Pegasus 34
Style:Nike Air Zoom Turbo 2018Zoom Pegasus 36Zoom Pegasus 36
Running Use:Nike Air Zoom Turbo 2018Zoom Pegasus 36Zoom Pegasus 36
Walking Use:Zoom Pegasus 36Zoom Pegasus 36Zoom Pegasus 36
Training Use:Zoom Pegasus 36Zoom Pegasus 36Zoom Pegasus 36
Feel:Zoom Pegasus 36Zoom Pegasus 36Zoom Pegasus 36
Durability:Zoom Pegasus 36Zoom Pegasus 36Zoom Pegasus 36
Weight:Nike Air Zoom Turbo 2018Zoom Pegasus 36Zoom Pegasus 36

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 - Summary

8 out of 10Athletic DesignPrice > $140
DurableNot The Fastest

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