November Fitness Challenge – Pick Your Poison

So I have recommended Neila Rey’s site a few times now and it has only improved with time. She’s now got more challenges posted up there then I can keep up with. So for November, I am recommending you discover her impressive page where she lists her numerous fitness challenges ( The holidays are just around the corner and belt buckles¬†are bound to flex under the pressure.

Get ahead of the turkey and extra servings by committing yourself to a program like the “Core” Challenge for a slim waistline¬†or the “3000 squats & 1000 push-ups” Challenge for total body toning. Maybe push yourself to complete the “1400 Burpees” Challenge to reach Beast Mode Level. While you are at it, be sure to sign up for your local Turkey Day 5/10K race to give yourself a little something extra to train for. Tyler and I will be competing in the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 10K before we get stuffed on Thanksgiving.

Hoping to close out the year with more medals.
Hoping to close out the year with more medals.

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