Thursday Tech Tip – Lighter View Controllers

Today’s tip is short and sweet. I recently subscribed to, which is self-described “periodical about best practices and advanced techniques in Objective-C.” In their very first issue they discuss view controllers and how they almost inherently become unwieldy beats within our application code. The first issue focuses on ideas, designs, and best practices for keeping view controllers light and flexible and moving your reusable code into a, such as, “myApplication.h/.m” class that can handle most of your application’s heavy lifting.

Thursday Tech Tip – Firebase & Image Handling

For the past couple of I have played around with building an iOS app with Firebase as the back-end for it. I wrote a previous post about the joy that is Firebase, which you can check out. One of the features I am trying to incorporate is taking a picture of an item and uploading it with the post. Well, unfortunately, Firebase does not natively support image uploading. In order to store images with Firebase, you need to first turn them into their Base64 equivalent and store that string value as the value for the “image” key in your Firebase JSON structure.

Thursday Tech Tip – Sending HTTP Posts in iOS

I came across a challenge the other day at work while trying to incorporate a click event into an iOS app. Essentially, when a user clicks on an object within the app that involves a segue sequence, for example an article in an RSS reader app, we want to record that click by logging it in an app on a remote server. I tried to use some of my company’s existing JavaScript functions that make API calls to our remote observation server.