Painting! Painting! Painting!

22 May , 2012 Lifestyle

Yes, painting sucks, but we did it. We managed to repaint the condo in the course of a week and are now paying for it physically. we made a decision at the beginning of the year to redo our place; partly looking to refresh the setting and partly to make it more appealing if we choose to list it. We started Sunday shopping for paint color and supplies along with painting in the bedroom. We did so well with the painting of the bedroom wall in a couple of hours that we then set out on the ambitious goal of painting the whole place in a few days. Luckily, Praful was a very big help to us and I really appreciate him sacrificing his time that way. He helped the most with what is hands down the most time consuming part of painting, the prep work.

We painted every night right after work till midnight and were back up for work by 6:00 am the next day. Our workouts, diets, and energy suffered for it but we are pleased with the result. We were able to paint most of the walls with a single coat of primer and paint thanks to the guy in the painting department at Lowe’s who recommended we tint the primer grey since we were covering bright colors with flat and slightly less bright paints. That trick really worked well and I recommend it to everyone. Speaking of recommendations, I now for sure, recommend Lowe’s over Home Depot any day. Both have their merits but I believe that Home Depot is definitely more geared for your every day contractor where as Lowe’s is for you and I and our simpler home improvement projects. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the prices are lower at Lowe’s and the selection better. Additionally, I found the employee’s at Lowe’s to also be more friendly and helpful.

With all that done, I am looking very much forward to getting back to a regular schedule. We need the sleep for one. We averaged only 5 hours of sleep last week, ate everything outside of our diet and barely¬†exercised. So, it goes with out saying that we are running on empty. As we finish the changes around our place I will post pictures of the before and after for everyone to see. FYI, if you get an IKEA circular advertising some outrageous deal for the first so many through the door, don’t waste your time. If you are not there at least an hour before you won’t get one. Two days in a row we missed out on great deals, but at least we got the free breakfast.

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