Political Endorsement – Barack Obama

22 May , 2012 Culture

On the cusp of the coming Super Tuesday primaries, I want to take the time to clear the air on who I support and will be voting for in the Georgia Primary and hopefully in the upcoming Presidential election. I am lending my full support and vote to the Junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama.

I must say that I enjoyed the Clinton years, scandals aside, but feel it is time for change. It is change on many levels that I seek. Change from the same old staple of senior white male leaders. Change from the politics of fear. Change from partisan bickering. Change in fiscal policy. Change in our outlook in tomorrow, a vision of cooperative development and positive international influence.

America has become fat, complacent, backwards thinking, and xenophobic. People want us to return to gleaming prominence, but want someone else to do the work without impacting their ability to live without consequence. Many believe us to be the greatest nation in the world, but forget that greatest does not come with out hard work, and it cannot be maintained without humility and respect for those who could knock you off while you sleep.

To rise to glory, America will need a uniter, motivator, and change agent, that holds accountable for what we want and do and bring back compassion and free thought to the people. Barack Obama is that man, like Kennedy, like Lincoln, and like Clinton once was. I will leave those of you with doubt in Barack’s message. One of my favorite quotes and a mantra I try to live by. “All things change in a dynamic environment, your effort to remain what you are is what limits you.” – Motoko Kusanagi

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