Recommendation: Raw Food Passion

22 May , 2012 Lifestyle

I have not posted any blog entries in a while and that owes directly to work and the limited time around the holidays. I learned recently that a long time friend since elementary school is an avid blogger. I never pictured April as the blogging type, but she for sure has me whipped. More important than the fact that she blogs is the topic and content of her blog. April writes web articles on her raw food diet passion, yoga, and observations on health & nutrition. Her blog can be found here.

I spent a lot of time this week reading her entries and advice and was very impressed. Angela and I have been very focused this year on exercise and diet and we have seen the pay off. We ran more 5Ks this year than last, worked out in conditions that were too hot, kept meat and fried foods to a minimum  and kept each other in line whenever possible. Reading April’s blog, however, I found that there is a whole other level of health, diet, and nutrition.

Now, while I won’t be going to the raw food diet myself and probably won’t recommend it, I will recommend April’s blog and for everyone to look closer into pushing themselves to be more focused on the diet and exercise in the coming year. The cloudy economic picture makes it hard to afford the healthiest of options and many people spend more time worrying about money than wether or not they have exercised enough. I would argue that it is just because of these issues that it is more important than ever to not let ourselves fall into physiological disrepair. We will all need a tremendous amount of energy to make it through these next few years and there is no better way to increase energy levels than keeping up your physical fitness and filtering what goes in your body. Remember, garbage in, garbage out. Again, check out April’s blog and I hope it inspires you.

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