Scribit for Content Discovery

12 Oct , 2012 Content Marketing for Content Discovery

There is an abundant and ever growing sea of content available on the internet. Let’s be honest, a lot of it is cats, gifs, fluff or flat out garbage. Getting your own to bubble to the top or finding stuff worth reading can be difficult if you are in the business of creating/sharing content through social media to promote a brand or product or consuming it for self satisfaction. There are a lot of web reader type tools out there that can help you collect links and organize them for reading later, but that is content you have already found and directly pertaining to something immediately interesting to you. If we start tabula rasa in a search for content, where would you go to get great content?

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April 2012 – Curate This!

30 Apr , 2012 Technology

Earlier this month I shared the press release of the launch of Scribitâ„¢. Scribit changes the way businesses find and share great content, and makes it insanely easy to engage and convert new visitors on your website and social pages. In short, Scribit let’s businesses curate content in a way that is relevant to their core business and drives traffic back to their site. Unless you have been living under a rock this year then you have probably heard about the meteoric rise of Pinterest and the buzz word of the day ‘curation’. It’s been said that information wants to be free, it would seem that it also wants to be curated. So what does, this movement to crowd sourced content recommendations mean for, well, everything?

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Scribit Debuts: First Content Marketing Platform to Transform Social Media Sharing into Selling

18 Apr , 2012 Technology

ATLANTA (April 18, 2012) – Scribit ( is the first web-based content marketing platform that enables businesses to easily find, publish and share quality content from premium brands to increase engagement and drive traffic to their sites. In addition to transforming how sharing works, Scribit lets businesses publish content with a single click making their sites more compelling, current and likely to drive revenues.

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