September 30-Days of Change Fitness Challenge

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September 30-Days of Change Fitness Challenge

September marks that nice transition from Summer to Fall. Football season is starting, school is back in session and the last thing on your mind is working out. For these reasons and more I have often made September an important month for me to compete and train as much as possible. This year, that challenge will be even more achievable. I have mentioned before in previous posts how much I recommend Neila Rey’s awesome fitness website. Well, she has taken it up a level and created a series of 30-day program mini-books that you can use to train towards specific fitness goals. 

30 Days of Change

iBooks Screen Shot

These PDF format guides can be downloaded and/or printed for easy use anywhere. If you use the Kindle or iBooks apps you can even import the books into them for easy reading at the gym right from your smartphone (see image to the left). The programs cover specific areas of focus like strength or cardio, along with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). 

For September, I am recommending the “30 Days of Change” program. August and September are really the Dog Days of Summer. A lot of us have been eating a lot of “Vacation Diet” food, taking it easy, or overwhelmed with the transition of getting kids or ourselves ready to go back to school and/or work. I think the 30 days of Change program is a great way to get fall fit without being too demanding. 

You don’t have to plan workouts or waste time in the gym thinking about what to work on. The guide supports three different levels of athlete, from beginner to advanced (Levels 1 – 3). Each day is generally broken out into 2 activities; a cardio workout and bodyweight training. So you don’t even need gym equipment. The number of reps/sets is broken out for you by fitness level along with expected time and distance for the cardio assignment. Below is an example from day 5. I am very excited to take on this 30 day workout challenge and I hope many of you will join me. Also, do follow Neila Rey if you don’t already. She is changing fitness for the average person in a great way.

30 Days of Change - Day 5

30 Days of Change – Day 5


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