Sick, Sick, Oscars

22 May , 2012 Culture

So this is a short one, very short, and late. I spent last week laid up in bed sick. We spent Saturday at the movies and watched all 5 Best Picture Oscar nominees. My pick was The Reader, but Slumdog Millionaire one. I enjoyed all of them and they were all deserving. I think for me The Reader held for me many of the emotional complexities and difficult confrontations you can only find in the best literature and the connection to the movie was deeper for movie. It did not hurt that two of my favorite actors were in it, Ralph Fiennes and Kate Winslet.

Keeping with movies, I want to share an interesting link to the Economist regarding the going relevance of the Academy Awards. In the age of billion dollar successes like The Dark Knight, it questions if the Academy’s gauge of year’s best performances is wholly disconnected from popular culture and whose fault that may be. Here is the link. We also made considerable progress in our home changes and look forward to hosting a get together soon.

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