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Week by Week – W20Y2017

14 May , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

Week by Week – W20Y2017

This past weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day. One of the things I have come to understand in life is that none of us come with an instruction manual at birth. So, the how of raising us is a learning lesson for our parents. The stakes for this live classroom lesson amount to life and death. It’s therefore understandable why our parents can be so conservative and interventionist in our own lives as we grow up. Though, you may have not have agreed with all of their decisions, you have to be glad that you are here with even a modicum of opportunity to chase your dreams. So, take a second and say thanks to your Mom and maybe take a moment to listen to the personal tributes in Story Corps Podcast #500 about Moms.

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Tech Tip – Social Clean Up

30 Aug , 2014 Culture,Lifestyle,Technology

I recently took on challenge to unlike/un-follow every non-personal social media profile that I wasn’t personally connected to. The idea came to me after reading a few articles on the affect that all those pages we like on Facebook have on the feed of posts we actually see in the app. My interest stemmed, from trying to take a week long break from social media only to come back to it and find that I couldn’t really navigate my way through the noise of posts and updates that cluttered my various feeds. It felt like tools that were supposed to help me connected to friends and family only left me better informed about companies I had liked than the people I cared about. At the same time I came across a couple of articles that hit on the same notes.

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