Week by Week – W02Y2017

A very good goal crushing start to the first week of 2017. I made a number of various ambitious goals for this year and really pushed my way to see most of the weekly progress marks met. I have had to sacrifice a lot of free time but I think if I can find a groove I will get ahead of my targets and complete all of my goals.

500 KM Challenge – Second Update

Well, I’ll start by getting straight into it. I didn’t hit my 500 km goal for September. I did a total of 230 miles last month, about 70 miles or 23% short of the 310 miles I needed. I was unfortunately derailed by a chest infection during the latter part of the month that kept me sidelined. I tried a workout now and then but they were wasted efforts where I found it hard to breath most of the time. Disappointing I know, but I am not Superman and shouldn’t expect Herculean efforts to just come to me.

500 KM Challenge – First Update

Last month I mentioned in a few of my 281.2 posts that I would give periodic updates this month on my training. I call this month’s goal the 500k challenge. 500km represents the metric total distance I wanted to meet this month in swimming, running and cycling. That goal breaks down to 10 miles of swimming, 60 miles of running and 240 miles of cycling, for a total of 310 miles. I debated calling it the 310 mile challenge but 500K just sounds cooler to me. I also thought that the swimming part would be the hardest to complete at the beginning of the month and I have been proven right. At about a third of the way through this month, I am equally a third of the way done in all three disciplines. The time in the pool being the most exhausting of the three.