Tech Tip – Fixing iTunes and iPhone Sync

1 Nov , 2014 Culture,Technology

Many of you may have gotten a shiny new iPhone in the past month. With that purchase you may have encountered the occasional iTunes & iPhone syncing error. Such as, getting stuck on the photo import or just failing all together. Like you, I really hate when these issues come up. So, I am sharing the top three tips for fixing these problems for my own records and your sanity.

  1. Clear your iPhoto cache. To do this, go into the “Pictures” folder in Finder. Right-click on the “iPhoto Library” icon. Click on “Show Package Contents.” Delete the sub-directories and files in the following folders: “iPod Photo Cache,” “Previews,” and “Thumbnails.”
  2. Clear you old iTunes libraries. To do this, go into the “Music” folder in Finder. Navigate to iTunes > Previous iTunes Libraries, and then delete any entries in there.
  3. Repair disk permissions. To do this, open up “Disk Utility” from Spotlight search or Utilities in the Applications folder in Finder. Select your disk where iTunes lives and select “Repair Disk Permissions.” After that process has finished, restart iTunes and reconnect your phone.

I recommend just doing all these steps in order. Do not forget to empty your trash after purging all these files. It might be a good idea if you restart the computer as well once you are done. I had a real headache trying to get 40 gb of photos onto two iPhones and I hope these tips can save you the some time.

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