Garmin 735 XT Review

When Garmin announced the 735XT I was actually in the process of shopping for a new Fitness watch that could do relatively everything. I had become disenchanted with the Apple Watch Series 1 and its lack of features geared towards hardcore athletes. I was especially disappointed by its lack of reliability when it came to GPS tracking of activities and an inability to export activity data from the default Health app.

Week by Week – W16Y2017

We’ve started our no car experiment. We turned in our last car a week ago when the lease ended and made no plans to purchase a replacement. We are going to test out the next 90 days without a car and see if that makes a huge lifestyle difference. Between Lyft, Marta, Walking, Cycling and ZipCar, we hope we won’t notice too much of a difference. This challenge is driven by a desire to live a more minimalist lifestyle and one that has a meaningfully positive impact on the environment.

Week by Week – W39Y2016

If last week was busy, go, go, go. This week was definitely chillax. I felt older than ever but that is thanks to the increased training load. The fall weather is starting to creep in and we’re starting to get the decorations and planning in order. Fall is by far our favorite time of year. Living in Georgia, it is the relief you earn after suffering through the brutal summer heat and humidity.

Wahoo TICKR X Review

I’ve had the great fortune of using the Wahoo TICKR X heart rate monitor strap for the last two years. After selling my Garmin 910 XT which came bundled with its own heart rate monitor, I needed a replacement to pair with my Suunto Ambit2 S GPS watch. So after searching I discovered the Wahoo heart rate […]

Suunto Ambit2 S Review

I’ve had the Suunto Ambit2 S for over two years now. I purchased it after my last Ironman race when I was looking for a change the Garmin 910 XT. At the time Garmin had not refreshed the 910 and I was looking for something on the next level. After two years with the Suunto, I can say that […]

Tech Tip – Ring Video Doorbell

This Tech Tip post is a recommendation for the Ring Video Doorbell. This device has been one of the best IoT (Internet of Things) devices I have added to the house ever. Ring allows you to answer your door or monitor any outdoor areas of the house from anywhere.

Week by Week – W03Y2016

Great progress on sticking with training plan. Working very hard at trying to find the time to start and complete many side projects. Planning has started on additional renovations to the house.