Thursday Tech Tip – Parsing JSON with handlebars.js

24 Oct , 2013 Technology,Thursday Tech Tips

Thursday Tech Tip – Parsing JSON with handlebars.js

In the interest of sharing examples of from lessons learned, I have created a demo and write up on how to use the handlebars.js library for processing JSON data returned by an API call and then dynamically display that content on a web page. I deal with JSON data more and more in my work projects and happen to prefer it to XML data, partly because of XML data can be rather large and clunky to deal with. Leveraging handlebars.js allows me to quickly traverse JSON arrays and grab the necessary key : value pairs I need for rendering content. I hope others find this useful. The linked example demonstrates how to use the Gilt API to get current sale items by category, and then use handlebars.js to translate the resulting json data into nice neat little card style objects. Any API that returns JSON data could be substituted in.

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Thursday Tech Tip – Sending HTTP Posts in iOS

17 Oct , 2013 Technology,Thursday Tech Tips

Thursday Tech Tip – Sending HTTP Posts in iOS

I came across a challenge the other day at work while trying to incorporate a click event into an iOS app. Essentially, when a user clicks on an object within the app that involves a segue sequence, for example an article in an RSS reader app, we want to record that click by logging it in an app on a remote server. I tried to use some of my company’s existing JavaScript functions that make API calls to our remote observation server.

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Wahoo Fitness App and HR Monitor Review

19 Oct , 2012 Sports,Technology

Wahoo Fitness App and HR Monitor Review

In the past I’ve written a lot here about tracking my workouts here but I haven’t always had all of the data that I would like to have around my workouts. Recently Angela and I put money into purchasing heart rate monitors to enhance the detail around our workouts. We tried a couple of different heart rate monitors including the Polar H7 and the Wahoo Blue HR monitor. Both of which utilize Bluetooth Smart technology to connect and stream heart rate data to your Bluetooth Smart enabled phone. Each monitor rests in a strap that you wear around chest. After trying out the Polar it to be inconsistent in its compatibility and performance with many of the apps that we like to use. We switched to the Wahoo because it came highly recommended from a number of sites and is RunKeeper endorsed.

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Garmin Swim Watch Review

18 Oct , 2012 Sports,Technology

So anyone who’s followed my fitness blogging on my website knows that for long time I have wanted a device or app that would help me with the swimming portion of my training. Well, I finally broke down and spent the $150 and bought the Garmin Swim Watch to help me track all the metrics related to swimming. I got the watch through REI using the fall member discount, so I saved 20% on the price. I debated for long time between getting the Garmin Swim watch and the Finess Swimsense watch. After reading a lot of the online reviews and different fitness sites, I decided to go with the Garmin Swim watch.

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April 2012 – Curate This!

30 Apr , 2012 Technology

Earlier this month I shared the press release of the launch of Scribitâ„¢. Scribit changes the way businesses find and share great content, and makes it insanely easy to engage and convert new visitors on your website and social pages. In short, Scribit let’s businesses curate content in a way that is relevant to their core business and drives traffic back to their site. Unless you have been living under a rock this year then you have probably heard about the meteoric rise of Pinterest and the buzz word of the day ‘curation’. It’s been said that information wants to be free, it would seem that it also wants to be curated. So what does, this movement to crowd sourced content recommendations mean for, well, everything?

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Scribit Debuts: First Content Marketing Platform to Transform Social Media Sharing into Selling

18 Apr , 2012 Technology

ATLANTA (April 18, 2012) – Scribit ( is the first web-based content marketing platform that enables businesses to easily find, publish and share quality content from premium brands to increase engagement and drive traffic to their sites. In addition to transforming how sharing works, Scribit lets businesses publish content with a single click making their sites more compelling, current and likely to drive revenues.

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