Tech Tip – Ring Video Doorbell

This Tech Tip post is a recommendation for the Ring Video Doorbell. This device has been one of the best IoT (Internet of Things) devices I have added to the house ever. Ring allows you to answer your door or monitor any outdoor areas of the house from anywhere.

Thursday Tech Tip – Speeding Up iOS Messages App

If you use iMessages a lot then you know that the performance can become sluggish over time. The reason for this slowness is because messages keeps a history of contacts you have messaged both individually and in groups. Overtime, this will become a big and unwieldy list, which could become slow at populating when trying to start, find or contribute to a chat.

Thursday Tech Tip – Faster Garmin Uploads

A quick tip today for those who own Garmin fitness devices that don’t automatically upload via WiFi. Such as the Garmin Forerunner 910 XT or 210 or Fenix v1. Recently, I noticed that my uploads using the Garmin ANT Agent or Garmin Express apps on Macs were taking a long time. They uploads were especially slow on sites like MapMyRun and RunKeeper that integrate with those apps. I figured, that part of the problem was that the sheer number of workouts I have recorded must be slowing down the process.

Thursday Tech Tip – JQuery Conditional Draggable & Droppable

This example changes the background of the droppable element depending on whether there are an odd or even number of other elements dropped within it. There are probably more advanced uses of this functionality you can come up with. You can preview it here or copy and paste the code below into your own local file.

Thursday Tech Tip – Password Security

I thought I would share some thoughts on the recent Heartbleed SSL flaw that comprised potentially half of the internet sites out there including many popular ones you and I use. From facebook, to twitter, to yahoo and many others. I spent essentially a whole day changing passwords of dozens of sites and even with all that effort, I believe one of those sites which holds some of my credit card info, was compromised.

Thursday Tech Tip – Power3 for iOS

Based off of the hit game 2048 by Gabriele Cirulli but with a twist. Take your number matching to the next level with Power3 on iOS. The game is iCloud and Game Center enabled for saved progress and competitive ranking against friends. Why play by 2 when 3’s company. Available on the iTunes App Store today.