The Story Behind The Pain

22 May , 2012 Culture

This week I discovered something beautiful. Not more beautiful than Angela, that is impossible. I found that there are still stories in music that can move me like the cool wind hitting your skin while sitting in a half broken beach chair at sunset with the golden orange sky exploding all around you and love two feet away sighing breaths like smoke clouds composed of moments of relaxation and anxiety that it will soon come to an end. Tumi and the Volume a South African Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, Jazz, Funk infusion is what put me in this place. Friday afternoon, I sat feeling anxious thinking of family and listening to NPR; when during the “All Things Considered” segment they covered this group and how their music brings the real views and sounds of South Africa that their government would rather not have you hear. They played a sample from their one and only 2006 album and I nearly jumped out of my seat amazed at the intricate composition of “The Story Behind The Pain.” Really listening to the lyrics of this track, I think anyone or any fan of any genre would be hard pressed to not be moved by story that is not different at all from those we hear about everyday here in the US. Somehow, it seems though so different and not just that it comes from the experiences of someone half the world away, but that though our stories are different our shared human experience is told in a way I did not even know.

I share the video with you right here with you and I give you a link at least to listen for yourself. This group is an automatic win for fans of Common or The Roots or Dead Prez, but I think it is a win for all of us. A week ago I talked about why I thought The Reader was the best picture and now I have a better explanation thanks to Tumi. I think that The Reader, for me at least, captured better as Tumi puts it, The Story Behind The Pain. I feel for us all we all carry something that explains are own stories fully and illuminate the canvass that g into our decisions, loves, break downs, and dreams. For me it is the loss of my father and now the clinging love of the family I do have. I do not always show it, but I really do love them all so deeply. Like my cousin in NJ sharing so much with me through our love of snow boarding and introspective lyrics like those in the street lights. I feel there with him, without many conversations between us to discuss landscape of life in front of us.

Well, enough of the reflective introspective analysis. How was my week otherwise, good. I feel way better and accomplished. 5 days of solid workouts, read The Watchmen, and helped Scott celebrate his birthday at Fado Irish Pub. Life is good, and as part of that I want to say, Mom, I love you. It has been a long time since we have been to Africa, soon we will; I cannot be so removed for so long. You know, Angela reminds me always how I always tend to out talk people. I need to work on that, and I hope that for those of you I may have talked over, that I get another chance to know your stories better. Lastly, I think it was awesome that we got so much snow this weekend. I just wish it would come sooner, around Christmas.

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