Threats to America

22 May , 2012 Culture

For all the anti-immigration, anti-Islam, and fear of terrorism being preached across the US, another round of school killings emphasizes that the most dangerous threat to Americans remains themselves. While many people do not agree with some of the backwards social policies that govern places like Saudi Arabia where rape victims are treated as the culprits, or the mass killings that ravage civil strife torn regions of Africa, it still remains astonishing the type of senseless killings that litter the landscape of a country with so much prosperity and opportunity.

I was alarmed at the breaking of the news to find myself somewhat unsurprised. Reflecting on this thought, I am saddened that it is possible that I and many others could one day become desensitized to such events. Every life means something dear to me though I may not know the names and faces. Every life means a new opportunity to change so much. Every life means a society rich in diversity and culture. I don’t know what drove the hooter to do what he did, but I wonder if his life and those that died mean something to you.
I really hope one day America learns to part with its love of the gun. I hope that anti-islamist start to shift their focus to anti-senseless violence rants instead. I hope that those who dismiss this post as a bleeding heart liberals wasted words, think for one moment about each and every person they know at an elementary, middle, high school, or college, and one day getting a call that him or her is no longer with us. If the prospect of a call like that still does not sway you, then I have very good cause to be alarmed at the internal threats to America.

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