Thursday Tech Tip – Faster Garmin Uploads

8 May , 2014 Sports,Technology,Thursday Tech Tips

Thursday Tech Tip – Faster Garmin Uploads

A quick tip today for those who own Garmin fitness devices that don’t automatically upload via WiFi. Such as the Garmin Forerunner 910 XT or 210 or Fenix v1. Recently, I noticed that my uploads using the Garmin ANT Agent or Garmin Express apps on Macs were taking a long time. They uploads were especially slow on sites like MapMyRun and RunKeeper that integrate with those apps. I figured, that part of the problem was that the sheer number of workouts I have recorded must be slowing down the process.

Most applications that read data files do lookup through the entire database of records for those marked new or that do not match any existing records in their own tables. You may not know it, but the Garmin watches do have databases on them of your workouts. Also, the Garmin ANT Agent and Express apps, keep local files on your Mac that contain all the workout records that have been gathered from your device. That being said, I figured that speeding up my uploads was a simple matter of purging some old data.

First, you should clean out the activities data on your watch if they have already been uploaded. The path varies by device but it is basically, “Settings > History > Delete > Delete All“. That process will at least speed up the reading of data from the watch. The next step is to delete the local files/cache/history of activities on your computer. On your Mac go to the Finder and enter in “Shift + Command + G“. Then type in “~/Library/Application Support/Garmin” and then press Go. That will take you the folder on your Mac where your device activity history is saved.

There are two folders in that folder generally. One called “Devices” if you use Garmin ANT Agent and one called “Express” if you use Garmin Express. In either, you want to navigate down to the folder called “History” that contains all of the “.txt” files of workout data. If you select all and delete them, you will have essentially cleared the cache that sites like Garmin Connect, Strava, MapMyRun, and RunKeeper read when you are attempting to upload workout data. You should see a nice little speed up in uploads after completing these two steps.

CAUTION: Do not delete any files other than these as you could break functionality of your app and potentially your watch. I hope this tip helps, especially those with tons of workout data like me. Also, the steps are repeatable on Windows, I just don’t use a Windows machine to know

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