Thursday Tech Tip – iTunes Connect & Game Center

4 Apr , 2014 Technology,Thursday Tech Tips

Thursday Tech Tip – iTunes Connect & Game Center

If you plan on loading a game to the App Store via iTunes Connect, budget a lot of time for additional configurations and sandbox testing. I had hoped you could programmatically invoke the leaderboard and achievements but, they have to be predefined with icons, descriptions, titles, etc. This level of configuration is what makes the iTunes App Store what it is, but it is just one more task that can seem very tedious when trying to push out even the most bare bones app. I now know why game development takes so many team members. Also, when testing the achievements, you have to use a sandbox account that is not the same as your existing developer account. The achievement icons can also be a pain, especially if you are not a graphic designer. So, don’t get caught by surprise like me, have an extra day or two budgeted for iTunes Connect fine tuning.

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