Thursday Tech Tip – Lighter View Controllers

13 Mar , 2014 Technology,Thursday Tech Tips

Thursday Tech Tip – Lighter View Controllers

Today’s tip is short and sweet. I recently subscribed to, which is self-described “periodical about best practices and advanced techniques in Objective-C.” In their very first issue they discuss view controllers and how they almost inherently become unwieldy beats within our application code. The first issue focuses on ideas, designs, and best practices for keeping view controllers light and flexible and moving your reusable code into a, such as, “myApplication.h/.m” class that can handle most of your application’s heavy lifting.

Many developers do some sort of refactoring after reaching a moderately stable build but this set of articles is more so concerned with really making your view controllers “primarily coordinating objects by factoring out view and model code.” I am employing these approaches in reworking a few of my apps. Ideally you should design and then build to avoid this sort of heavy refactoring, but sometimes you just get into it and stay down the more complex path. Anyway, follow the link below to read up on reworking some of your apps. Do subscribe to the publication if you can as well.

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