Thursday Tech Tip – Power3 for iOS

10 Apr , 2014 Culture,Technology,Thursday Tech Tips

Thursday Tech Tip – Power3 for iOS

Are you a fan of the hit game 2048? Have you beaten it and gotten bored already. Well check out Power3. It is a lot like the hit game 2048 but with a couple of twists. The game uses a new set of tiles that start with, yup, the number 3. It is iCloud and Game Center enabled for checking your ranking versus friends and saving progress. Lastly, well, I made and distributed the app. I know, shameless self promotion. This is a pretty basic game app that it is really just for fun and free. I wanted to test the iTunes App Store distribution process before releasing the main app I have worked on for the past couple of months in my free time. So do me a favor, play it, review it, and I will take the feedback and try to improve it. Download it here.

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