Thursday Tech Tip – A Few Recommendations

27 Mar , 2014 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports,Technology,Thursday Tech Tips

Thursday Tech Tip – A Few Recommendations

I came across a slew of really cool tech tools and gadgets this week. So, I will share a few of the choice items I liked here. I really geeked out on these tools and technologies to the point of losing sleep. My three favorite are below and cover three specify areas, hardware, software and learning.

PNY StorEDGE Flash Expansion Memory – 128GB

I love that SSD drives have become standard but they are expensive and sacrifice space for speed. I saw a tip on Lifehacker recommending the PNY StorEDGE Flash Expansion Memory module for MacBook Pro SSD owners. The PNY drive ships pre-formatted to mount as another hard drive on your machine as if it was built in. You can use it as a 2nd drive, time capsule backup, media drive, etc. The speed is ridiculous and because it sits almost flush into the laptop, it is a drive you can just leave in all the time. I recommend getting the 128 GB module, since it is only $80.

The Odin Project

The Odin Project is a Web Development learning platform currently in beta that is taking Codecademy head on. I learned about it from my friend Alaina who is helping to promote the platform. What is really great about this particular “Teach Yourself” platform is the depth and scope of web development skills, tech, and topics that it goes into. Even if you are a seasoned web developer, it would be great to visit the site for a refresher and/or maybe offer your own contribution to the curriculum and tools.

2048 GitHub Port for iOS

The game 2048 has been taking over the web and smartphones everywhere I look. What surprised me is that Gabriele Cirurlli, the developer, made it open source. So, naturally, everyone and their grandmother has published their own version to their app store of choice. You can fork a version of the iOS build on GitHub here and add your spin to it. This game is not quite flappy bird, but at least it won’t get pulled anytime soon.

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