Training Update – January 2014

27 Jan , 2014 Sports

Training Update – January 2014

TriSportsThis week I wanted to provide a quick training update on how 2014 is going so far and I’ve got great news to share. First off, I have picked up a sponsorship with, one of the leading online retailers for all things Triathlon. TriSports has added me to their TriSports‘ Champions team for the 2014 season. As a member of this team, you will see me wearing a lot of TriSports gear at all my races and events during the 2014 calendar. TriSports is also going to be helping support this blog and my efforts to bring great product reviews and training analysis.

You will also be helping me out if you purchase any recommended buys that I share via the links I provide to This is a really great reciprocal relationship as I hope to bring a lot of attention and new customers to TriSports as I act as an ambassador for the sport throughout my races and hopefully bring in some successful results. I really appreciate for providing me with a lot of great resources to help me take my training and performance to the next level.

TriDotOn the training note, I’ve also stepped up my game by getting a professional trainer to assist me with my triathlon goals. My trainer Jolene is a former age group National Champion at the Olympic distance level. Her expertise will come in very handy in my dream to qualify for the USAT Olympic distance triathlon championship. Jolene is one of the premier trainers on the TriDot team. TriDot is a training website and system, designed totally for triathletes with busy schedules, families, and jobs. The typical TriDot customer is looking for expertise and focus in their training to achieve their goals, while maximizing time. I’ll be providing the review later on this year on the TriDot system overall. However, I can say for now that I’m very pleased and excited with the training volume and specificity around my lifestyle, abilities and goals.

When it comes to blogging week by week like I did last year during the buildup to the Big Kahuna race, I won’t be repeating that exercise again this year. I do, however, plan to offer at least one product review, one race review and one training update per month to keep the blog fresh and exciting. I also hope to post videos of some of the routes I routinely run/ride and activities that we participate in like skiing and snowboarding or water sports from time to time. Lastly, I will also be posting a monthly workout challenge that anyone can take part in. Just a way to keep your training from getting monotonous. I leave you with a picture of what the pool looked like at this morning’s training session.

SJSU Aquatic Center

Those early morning swim sessions.

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