Vietnam – A Travel Guide

24 Oct , 2018 Culture,Lifestyle,Travel

Vietnam – A Travel Guide


This trip was long overdue and kickstarted by a Destination Wedding for my brother-in-law and a long time wish to see my wife’s home country. She had not been back in over 20 years and I have never been to Asia. From the moment we landed, our simple expectations for what we were getting into were blown away. At the time of writing this, Vietnam is now the most rewarding trip I have ever been on. Everyone needs to visit it and Asia in general.

The country is roughly the same geographical size as California but with about 3x as many people. Each citizen seems to own a scooter to boot. The climate is pretty much hot and humid year round. The best time year to go though is late September through early October. Just before raining season begins and during the harvest. Make sure you make your way up north to see the rice fields being cleared. The middle of the country is where you will find the newly built out beach resorts.

Overall, I recommend going on about a 15-day trip. Visiting the south, middle and north; flights are inexpensive and short in-between cities. Taking a few day trips to remote regions. Riding a scooter and eating lots. Also, get some tailored clothes made from one of the tailors I listed in Saigon it Hanoi.

Some essentials to pack and tasks to do before your trip.

  • Deet 30 or better bug spray
  • Immunizations: Tetanus, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Malaria Medication
  • Buy lots of sealed bottled water when you arrive.
  • Face mask for the smog.
  • Visitor Visa


We compiled this Foursquare List of recommendations based on family picks, Anthony Bourdain’s travels, and the recommendations of locals.



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