Wahoo TICKR X Review

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Wahoo TICKR X Review


I’ve had the great fortune of using the Wahoo TICKR X heart rate monitor strap for the last two years. After selling my Garmin 910 XT which came bundled with its own heart rate monitor, I needed a replacement to pair with my Suunto Ambit2 S GPS watch. So after searching I discovered the Wahoo heart rate monitor and gave it a try. Hands-down, one of the best sporting purchases I’ve ever made.

The Wahoo TICKR X heart rate monitor is one of the most compatible devices I’ve ever used. It comes with both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ connection protocols. Meaning you can connect it with your GPS sports watch, Bluetooth Smart phone, or bike sensors. Wahoo even makes an app, Wahoo RunFit to pair with it. The app allows you to use your phone as a GPS tracker and the TCKR X as the input for heart rate data. The TICKR X also provides run data such as side to side and up-and-down movement. Additionally, you can record non-GPS-based workouts such as treadmill runs, rowing machine workouts and strength training with the TICKR X and your phone. If you happen to be taking a class such as boot camp without your phone, the strap will automatically record a workout and then sync it back to your phone the next time you connect them.

I ran a few tests to check the accuracy of the heart rate monitors data compared to other heart rate monitoring devices. Specifically, I asked my doctor during one appointment to give me a baseline test which included a short treadmill run. Then I repeated those steps using an Apple Watch and the TICKR X and another generic heart rate monitor. The TICKR X was without a doubt the closest in accuracy to my doctors measurements after each short workout. I have to thank Dr. Peters for being so cooperative during this work out. He too is an athlete, so I guess he was generally understanding. Below is an example of some workout data that included heart rate stats from the TICKR X.



Additionally, the battery life on the heart rate monitor was great. I only had to change the cell battery on it once during the two years I had it. To put that in perspective, I put hundreds of hours on the first battery before I had to change it. The fit of the heart rate monitor was pretty standard. Adjustable straps on both sides allow you to increase and decreased attention on the strap around your chest. So it should fit all body types and sizes. It also dries pretty fast after a sweaty workout.

Based on my experience with the Wahoo TICKR X heart rate monitor over the last two years, I can unequivocally say that the next time I buy any GPS-based watch that doesn’t include a heart rate monitor or offer one, I would definitely be using the Wahoo TICKR X as my heart rate monitor of choice. For those of you who do not use GPS watches and only use your phone you must consider augmenting your phone data with the heart rate monitor data from Wahoo. My only regret is not writing this post sooner but Wahoo Fitness is ahead of the curve and constantly pushing out some of the latest greatest fitness tech out there so please consider any and all of their products for your next workout purchase.

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