Weariness and Changes

22 May , 2012 Lifestyle

What can I say about the 3rd week of 2009, well, um, TIRED. Being as tired as I was this week does not bold well for the rest of the year; but, to be fair, I can attribute a lot of the exhaustion to helping friends move in and set up furniture, work, exercise, and social outings. So, if I remain this worn down from such a high level activity, then I can accept that. It makes me think of the song “Worn Me Down” by Rachael Yamagata, fitting. You can pick it up on iTunes here, Worn Me Down.

Trying to stay fit this week was a balancing act physical fatigue, mostly pain and soreness. I obviously pushed my self to hard the week before. I still got in a lot of training and am better for it. I also cut out fried foods but hurt myself by eating a lot of sweets and snacks; so, no benefit there. I think I may have not given my body enough recovery time between workouts. I averaged about 8-9 miles a day during training with only two days off; Too much, too soon, too bad. I will jump back into it all Monday and scale back the intensity a bit. There is still a lot of time between now and the Marathons/Adventure races in March & April.

On another note, the day has come. The inauguration is upon us and hopefully competent and effective government to follow. Everyone this week wrote a lot of farewell addresses to W, with commentary on what history will make of his presidency. I have said so much on politics and Bush over the years and don’t want to launch into another diatribe on what I think of him and what the world has gone through over the last 8 years. Instead I will link you to an Economist article that sums up my feelings nicely. I hope that the next 4-8 years brings our collective vision back into focus on the things that really matter and that we are all part of a social contract to benefit and protect each other.
Finally two recommendations for the week. First, I saw a friend’s band, Jane on the Range, perform last night at The Red Light Cafe in Midtown. They are a great group with a lot of energy and rock/country sound. They are a 5 member band that have been together for a couple of years now. They hopefully will be appearing at a few shows during the summer, so check them out. Lastly, watch USA network’s BURN NOTICE. I love this show and it returns from a long break this week. The witty humor, ridiculous action, and the circus melodrama of trying to be the cool agent versus doing good for others you could care less for is can’t miss TV.

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