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22 May , 2012 Lifestyle

This week  was about work in so many ways. Namely, in that I had a great amount of work at my job to get through. Also, I got down to work with my fitness training this week. As well as, the amount of work facing our new president. For all that work, however, I feel even more confident and invigorated that it can be completed. I think this fourth straight week of blogging is evidence of this new found effervescence. So, let’s break down the week.
What did I have to get through at work that was so daunting you ask? Well, we are halfway through the process of implementing a new billing system. As part of the development process we are finalizing the requirements necessary for the business for the developers. The development team gave back estimates of the complexity and amount of work necessary to deliver the system as required. So, this week consisted of a lot of negotiating between the business and development teams. Essentially, I sat in a LOT of meetings and did a lot of documentation and solution planning this week. Though exhausting, I enjoyed it and think I learned a lot while under pinning my work ethic and focus.
As far as exercise goes, I felt a million times better than last week. I took it back a notch by not trying to do total body workouts in one stretch; but instead focusing on specific body areas and goals in each workout. What was really great was that I started and ended the week with two outdoor cold weather runs that helped me feel the burn. I think the morning workouts may have been more daunting then I first thought because they do not give me time to recover well, in that right after I am immediately thrust into all the day to day tasks I have to do. So, sticking with afternoon workouts mostly will be better for me. The diet is a little harder to maintain. Keeping meats to a low or none is not hard, but the no fried foods bit is so tricky. The main difficulty is that sometimes not the whole meal is fried, like the fried egg that comes in Pad Thai noodles for instance. Do you really, throw away or tell them to hold that?

Moving on, what a week as far as politics goes. We have a new president and he has a lot of new headaches. He signed up for the work, so we can’t have much sympathy for him. I do, however, like his call on us to each make changes in our lives to help get society moving forward again. I think the best way for me to that is to take my energy and continue to help friends and family with improving their lives and finding new experiences as much as possible. I consider myself resourceful, so I should leverage what I am good at. I was also particularly inspired this week by the almost communal celebration that was expressed during the inauguration as evidenced by the televised inauguration balls and the huddled crowds around tv’s and monitors watching the swearing in of President Obama. I think we have a lot of work to do collectively, but collectively we can do it.
Something really odd to share with you all. We went to Cafe Sunflower this weekend to get some dinner with friends before going to Cafe Intermezzo for drinks and laughs. While at Cafe Sunflower an interesting thing happened, my dinner, Spicy Pad Thai, never arrived. Even more silly were the explanations that the waitress gave her. According to her, she was fighting with the cook and in the end the cook claimed he did not know how to cook the item. Yeah… so, everyone else ate their food, I had lots of water. In the end I had some Crepes at Intermezzo, but weird none the less.
Finally, let’s talk television shows one more time. I am officially over the shows America’s Biggest Loser and Lost. I am fed up with games the contestants are playing to plot and scheme their way to the grand prize rather than focusing on the main point of the show, WEIGHT LOSS! My only consolation is that most of the time, the one person with the focus and determination to stay above the games and focus on changing their lives usually wins. It was Ally two seasons ago, Michelle last season, and my pick this year is Tara. As far as Lost goes, just get to the bloody point already. They seem to just keep dragging it out. I am more excited by Fringe or the new Star Trek than any of the twists Abrams is putting into Lost. Lastly, Burn Notice is pure television gold. It gives you action, style, comedy, and an intriguing story with a style of tension reminiscent of the type of tango dance that leaves you mouth gaping in deepest envy. Michael, Sam, and Fiona form a trio that lives the spy lifestyle but seemingly yearn for an ordinary one. What pulls you in further is Michael’s first person narrative that gives you the type of character insight that normally is the domain of books. Anyway, I ramble, try and catch it and you will be hooked.

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