Week by Week – W18Y2017

30 Apr , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Travel

 Week by Week – W18Y2017

This week we embarked on our longest vacation as a couple. Two weeks traveling around Spain. It’s so hard to be away from home, our family and routines for so long. But no growth comes from being complacent or an unwillingness to step outside of your comfort zone. This trip I am trying a project where I take all the notes I put together before the trip, tips given to me, and experiences along the way into one long blog entry under that will be my travel guide on visiting Spain. It’s a great way of being really engaged in the trip, creating some great content and perhaps helping someone else put together a memorable trip. I will have it posted by the end of the first week in May.


Divide - Ed ShereenI entered this week in a much better mood than I had in weeks past. I have stopped feeling sorry for myself and my first world gripes. I am trying to focus on the positive in every situation and producing content. Now maybe, I can take enough control over my schedule to get back on track trying to tackle my resolutions I set earlier this year. One of them, learning Spanish, I get to work on while in Spain. I am hoping to make a dent in about 4 different books while away. Lastly, I checked out the new albums by Feist and The Gorillaz. They were both forgettable. I had been eagerly anticipating an album from Feist in particular and was disappointed with the end product. However, the new Ed Shereen album, Divide, has been amazing though. He really put together an emotional and world hopping album that you have to check out.


Hanway Cafe RacerAlso, our no car experiment is working out nicely. We’ve benefited by also timing getting rid of our close to a time when we would be in cities with good mass transit a lot. Nonetheless, it is nice not to have a car payment. If we did get a backup form of transportation it would be something like the motorcycle here with a side car for LuLu.



I am not at all where I want to be physically and I’m far behind on my running, swimming and cycling goals. Yoga is becoming my primary activity because of it’s restorative effects from all this sitting around and traveling. Sitting around on planes, in conference rooms, and squeezing myself into cramped MTA trains has been wrecking havoc on my lower back. So, I am upping my yoga classes to at least three sessions per week. I have noticed that my flexibility is improving with all this yoga which has eased my back pain.

I am also adjusting the travel routine a bit so that I am spending less time at airports and can therefore get in more hours training over the next few months and back into peak shape. No races for a while, so all my training will be for just general fitness and health. The real challenge is really watching my diet because that matters more than all the excercise I can endure. Luckily, the Spanish eat the way we like to eat the most, tapas style. Sharing small plates in real human portion sizes is how Angela and I love to dine. The only hard part is how late they love to eat here.


It’s amazing what traveling can do for the soul. The sights, sounds, smells, and challenges of navigating around really help to broaden your horizons and stimulate the senses. We met an awesome couple in Ibiza that I labeled as “Creators,” a term I borrowed from The Minimalist. Angie is a fashion stylist and Gavin is a writer. I talked to them about how I want to have a world where more people can become creators or help build a service based economy where we actually engage each other.

I think a few things stand in the way of this pardigm shift. First, our dependence on a consumption based economy. Some good news there, retail is getting squeezed by a millennial led transition to experiences over things. Secondly, we need to encourage kids to take gap years to find their passion before committing 4 or more years to studying something they could hate doing. As automation and technology continue to take away many vocations, we are going to have to find new things for people to do so we don’t waste away as a society like in the movie Wall•E. We are adventurers, and though we, as a collective, have shed light on almost every corner of this blue rock, there are an infinite number more in the heavens that I hope we are brave enough to set out for eventually.

Here is a montage from our first week in Spain. I really love this country, it’s languages, it’s people and culture. I thought we could see so much in two weeks. That’s a drop in the bucket. I am anticipating at least two or three more visits over the next few years to explore deeper.

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