Week by Week – W32Y2016

6 Aug , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle,Travel

Week by Week – W32Y2016


Sailing through Greece, that’s the theme of the week. Port hopping around the coast of Greece. Sleeping on a 30 ft yacht in balmy August heat. Waking up to the sounds soft waves against the hull of the boat, sea gulls and church bells. Running through ancient streets while being chased by dogs. All the while amazed by how much wonder there is in the world. Heart is full, mind open. 


Greece is almost like a country stuck in time. Don’t expect the latest and greatest of anything. But do anticipate strong and expressive people, history, tension, amazing fresh food and bar scene in downtown Athens to keep you up into the late hours. Packing for a 7 day sailing trip is a neat trick but do know that the MedSailors vessels are actual spacious enough. They are equipped with two restrooms with showers and outlets in room. The downside, sleeping on a boat in this heat is HARD. So learn to sleep naked or on the deck. 



None really, although I plan to explore running around all the port towns and in particular Hydra. I also hope to get in an open water swim or two. We will also take a mule ride around one of the towns. Also, given the Mediterranean diet, I will probably loser weight regardless. 


Definitely nothing to report here and happy for it. Glad that I have great coworkers to pick up the slack while I am away. Projects are a team sport. 


Catching up with old friends and meeting 20 something new Kiwis will be interesting. I am trying to pace myself to keep up. These folks drink like fish. First stop was Pedrika and everyone has a hangover already. Before we left Atlanta we discovered the new Octane Coffee at The High Museum. I can’t wait until they blanket all of Atlanta with their awesome Nitro iced coffee and Sublime donuts. 

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