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9 Jan , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

A very good goal crushing start to the first week of 2017. I made a number of various ambitious goals for this year and really pushed my way to see most of the weekly progress marks met. I have had to sacrifice a lot of free time but I think if I can find a groove I will get ahead of my targets and complete all of my goals. One lesson learned, trying to be productive every minute of the day is exhausting. I am definitely going to have to find a way to automate a lot of what I am doing in order to not burn out.


A number of very good articles and most importantly finishing the “Indivisible Guide.” This short guide is very important reading for anyone whose not down with the Trump agenda for the next four years. Essentially, it stresses taking the very same tea party tactics that stalemated Obama and using against the conservative establishment. For me, it also means getting very involved locally. From coat drives for the homeless, neighborhood organizations, Atlanta charities, etc. As the old adage goes, focus on what you can control and the rest will fall into place. Additionally, I finally finished my first full lesson of Spanish and have switched my phone and iPad to Spanish language settings to push myself. I am also upping my guitar play as well.


I worked out like a madman this week. Over 21 miles of running, almost three hours of cycling, 4 hours of yoga lots of push ups, sit ups and squats in between. I only failed at my swim goal thanks to my local LA Fitness being a shit show. Completely disgusting overflowing water in the locker rooms and foggy conditions in the pool area. I really hate the crazy people who come in there already and then I have to deal with the mismanagement of the facility. If it wasn’t for the desire to burst through adversity I would give up. Key to my success this week has been a no TV policy and really not neglecting my recover. From nutritional drinks, to stretching to getting good sleep. I have felt refreshed with every morning and ready to battle it out again.


Yoga cannot be anymore influential for me. Without it I would struggle to find a grounded place to build from. However, I know that engaging people is my specialty, it’s just trying not to jump immediately into politics that I am struggling with. For now I will have to keep my conversations among trusted friends and family and work my way back into being able to engage with anybody. Staying busy will help the time pass and eventually my frustration from the election to quell enough. I have also discovered the iTunes daily album suggestions under the “For You” section in Music. It has been so awesome discovering and re-discovering some great albums. Some of which have taken me back to my childhood and peaceful days.  

For now, I leave you with images of a frozen Atlanta weekend.


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