Week by Week – W03Y2017

15 Jan , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

Week by Week – W03Y2017

To be silent in the face of Evil, is to be a conspirator. Everyone is dealing with this post-election mess in their own way. I still can’t process though people who remain silent in the face of just outright ┬álies and misinformation. Then again, seeing people go crazy and get lined up for Playoff Football, I fully understand. We just don’t value truth, facts and progress above the distractions in our modern lives. If people were equally as passionate about social issues as they are about NFL controversies, we problem wouldn’t have the education, healthcare, transportation and socio-economic problems we have today. Everyone will come up and say something when they see that team logo on your hat, but stay silent when crazy orange men insult civil rights leaders. I have started to remind people during our “Football” conversations what is really important, so they don’t let a game get to their heads.


I am kind of disappointed in myself this week. I didn’t finish a book for the first time in a month. I got swamped with work and was exhausted from social obligations and training. The key is picking up again from where I left off without getting sidetracked for weeks. Every week can’t be perfect. I did see some great progress this week when it came to our Neighborhood Board meeting and planning for the year. I am looking forward to where we can take our little neighborhood in Georgia’s District 5. A little organization goes a long way. That is the first step, getting this group organized and passionate about the future of the neighborhood.


I completely crushed this week. I averaged 2 hours a day of workouts and hit all my fitness goals. I have been amazed by my body’s resiliency to the heavy training load. When I think about it though, it is the layout of the training load that has probably helped. I have been able to do a lot more, by doing a lot less. Fewer miles but more often. Fewer reps but more focus in each one. Fewer yoga sessions, but deeper understanding from each one. Less is more, in sport and life.


I can’t shout my way through people’s feelings and perceptions. I have to remember to be a mirror and a bridge. For example, reminding people that if we can find $2 billion for football stadiums, we can find 1% of that for education. Remembering that some people benefited from the ACA while others hated it. There is a middle ground where the program can exist. Reminding people that it takes a village for us all to succeed. Reminding people, just how awesome Atlanta is, no matter what cowards may think of it.

A great “Winter” weekend in Atlanta. Enjoyed it while it was here because I am sure we will be deluged with colder days up ahead.

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