Week by Week – W04Y2017

22 Jan , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

Week by Week – W04Y2017

#AlternativeFacts! That’s what it comes down to. If that’s the case, expect a very heated, contentious and challenging four years. I encourage anyone not living in an Orange Clown imaginary world. Don’t be shy, question every bigot, coward and regressive zealot you come across. Not on the internet, but in person. Pick a single issue and focus the conversation on them having to put validate their views against facts and a myriad of perspectives. Be hyper vocal, present and vigilant about everything happening around you locally. These four years will be a marathon and not a sprint. Travel and explore and share your multi-cultural interactions. We’ve seen backwards slides like this in history before, and we know, that the courage of those who see the truth will eventually light the way for all. Remind them of this, almost 55% of America did not vote for him. There is no mandate, just a win based on an antiquated system where rural fly over states get more credit than they deserve.


Not this most mentally stimulating week outside of work. Some weeks are just slow that way. We mostly enriched ourselves with documentaries. You can’t fool the informed, so we watched The 13th by Ava DuVernay, The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone, and added in Hidden Figures for good measure. A friend said that maybe these political events may be a blessing in disguise in that at lease some of us have started to wake up. I just hope enough of us wake up and educate ourselves before the mid-term. It is likely that he will go down in history as more corrupt than Nixon. My worry is that when Progressives do eventually take over, they will miss their opportunity to change the laws and prevent this tragedy from ever happening again. Remove the Electoral College, Set Term Limits, get money out of politics, etc. I studied Philosophy in college, and one of the most interesting periods we studied was the Philosophical Response (see Religious) to the Scientific Revolution (~ 18th Century Industrialization). Essentially, many struggled to find/force a place for God and Religion in a world that was steaming ahead with innovation that answered questions that mysticism and belief used to. We moved on from that period, and we will from this one too.


Another week of getting in a workout everyday but fell just short of my running goal. More importantly, I started to feel the compound effects of all this training this week. So, I am making some simple changes to the workout plan to buffer all the running. I ran my first 15K in almost a year. More importantly, I am having fun doing it. Some years things fall in place, and if I can maintain my recovery efforts, I think I could accomplish some great things this year. The hard part has now is not to become over zealous. I am trying not to  just head out and jump into every race out there. I am trying to follow the plan and need to stick with it. I still have not locked in any events with cash, but I plan to by the end of February. I just want to make sure the training does not drop off and that I select the correct A race. The struggle is in whether I can mentally commit to completing a half-Ironman this year.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I am trying to channel these challenges and frustrations into a stronger spirit and resolve.Again, I can’t go picking fights but I have to hold people accountable and take no shit. It’s just such a sensitive world where everyone is ready to talk football but no one wants to debate policy because it makes everyone uncomfortable. So, I will just keep sticking with my strategy of sneaking in bits of debate in here and there. If enough of us can start to refocus conversations to the important topics, maybe people will read and learn about what really matters. The energy that will be required for this fight this next four years must come from maintaining a long view, refreshing through exploration, and chasing the small victories.


To close, here is an image from the Atlanta Women’s March. 63,000 strong and United.

#YouTweetWeMarch #NoOrangeClowns #HumanRightsOverCorporateRights

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