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30 Jan , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle

Worse Before Better. Sometimes that is how things work. After last week, I am pretty sure we are experiencing that process right now. Eight years of progress seems completely halted by the last two weeks. We have to remember that before those eight years we were stuck in a quagmire of progress as well. So, with after a big deep breath, we must step back and look at the big picture and reflect. Take whatever strength we can from the wisdom of hindsight and use it to fuel the fight ahead. 


Frustration would be an understatement. I have worked at trying to push forward and continue to work at improving myself. This week that was achieved by helping others. On Thursday night we I attended an event with people who were mostly conservative and not necessarily the type we agree with on most issues but in the end can work together with to raise money that will help pay college tuition for some undocumented immigrants. Saturday afternoon I spent my day interviewing and mentoring kids that come from all walks of life and political positions and entering college. On Saturday night we held a fundraiser for a local homeless shelter and the ACLU with Bernie supporters, Clinton Supporters, Trump Supporters, etc. We had people share their real experiences post election to show the impacts of policy and to see where we can all come together to help people who will be most impacted these next 4 years. Sunday we were working on connecting impacted immigrants with lawyers and Immigration contacts.


Sometimes the body just needs a break. So I had to take a couple of days off this week. I still hit my fitness goals but all the training is definitely wearing me out. My goal over the next two weeks is to push really hard and then take a 96 hour training break to recover and then get back in the game. I still have not figured which races I want to register for but my confidence is running high and I plan to participate in a lot of events.


I can’t find it in me to be understanding of people who are sitting idly by while others suffer or actively being obstructive or trolling. It takes someone with an empty soul bereft of purpose to not understand how bad things are for some people are right now. America has been completely consumed by mindless consumption to the point where there is no room for empathy or real human connection. I will make it my goal to fight this trend. Through example and conversation, I hope to bring others into the Minimalist lifestyle. This approach to living is not about becoming a hermit but about only keeping the things in your life that bring permanent meaning and example. I heard a saying the other day, “if your house caught fire and could save one object what would it be?” If you have not checked our “The Minimalist” yet, you have to. An amazing documentary and the foundation to what I hope will replace Consumerism.



I leave with you with a picture of the diversity I love. This group of amazing people helped raise over $500 for the Atlanta Mission and ACLU Nationwide. Let’s continue to bring our energies together to celebrate our diversity and help others.

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