Week by Week – W06Y2016

8 Feb , 2016 Lifestyle,Sports

Week by Week – W06Y2016


I learned some interesting family history this week. Specifically, that my father was married once before he met my mother for a couple of years. My mom and dad never told us about it because he got married super young, when he was 19, and it only lasted a couple of years. That is the type of material that makes for some great story corps interviews. I wish I could sit down and have a beer with him, especially this weekend because the Super Bowl was a favorite event of ours.

Lessons Learned

DIY is not so daunting. If you buy all the right tools, do the research and take your time, you can be an HGTV star too.

3 Pillars Accomplishments


  • Not the most productive week. Went 4 for 7 but got in two 7+ mile walks in. With two weeks left before my first half marathon in over a year, I just needed time to let my body recover. I feel ready and I am looking forward to it.


  • Getting ready for a trip to Las Vegas and also another possible trip to Amsterdam. I guess work travel is not all bad.


  • Spent a great weekend with friends watching the Super Bowl, sampling rum and planning some landscaping.


  • What did I learn?
    • My father almost didn’t have us; if his first marriage had worked out. Learned also how to do some light electrical re-wiring around the house. The key, have all the right tools.
  • What did I do to help my future?
    • Got lots of quotes and plans for improving our landscape and plan to do a lot of it ourselves.
  • How did I help someone this week?
    • Assisted a friend learning to code by testing his first web app.
  • Who do I love?
    • My family. You only get one and I miss them even when they are right next to me.
  • What am I grateful for?
    • Patience. I don’t have as much of it as I used to, but when I really embrace it, the results are always worth it. .

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