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6 Feb , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

Emotional Intelligence, it’s literally one of the hardest things to measure and develop. The majority of my reflection on life centers around whether or not I made the right intelligent decision versus an emotional one in every scenario. I am an innately emotional person. I have worked over time to suppress my emotional response and let reason and rational drive how I interact in the world. I don’t want to be a stoic or cold, but I want to avoid letting my emotions driving me to do or say things that my cooler head would never allow. This approach is a hard struggle, and at times I do make an emotionally driven mistake. In this time of divide, I am going to try and double down on this approach, because I want to be able to look back and show how I channeled my emotions into social passions that actually made a difference and not just noise. 


I was mentally exhausted this week and admit to taking an entertainment break to turn off all of the news from the week. So, I only got a bit of reading in, no Spanish lessons and probably did missed on many opportunities to push ahead on many goals. I am pleased on the progress we were able to make to get some charitable endeavors moving forward. If things work out, we will be able to get a lot of kids to professional soccer games in Atlanta that otherwise would not have an opportunity to go.


This was a very so-so weak. I was only impressed by the fact that my overall performance metrics have gotten better in all ways. My flexibility and mobility has also improved a lot. What’s very hard now is that social obligations, work travel and general fatigue will start to set in. I am trying to make sure to stay flexible so I can find and take advantage of sweet spots as they open up.


Really disappointed with personal attacks based on emotional reactions to a game. We want to win elections, get progressive policies passed, and help those in needs. Yet, when I post examples of ways to help any of those efforts I get crickets. When it comes to a game, I get the passionate responses I wish I could see on social issues. It’s entertainment, not life. I wish people could get that and not risk relationships for things that don’t matter, especially to the people you really want to help.

I leave you with images from the week. Ups and downs while striving for balance.

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