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13 Feb , 2017 Culture,Lifestyle,Travel

Balance. It is a very altruistic state to strive towards but a hard one to achieve. I have found that it is almost like a religion in itself or an ideology championed. From political debate, to work / life interaction, to periods of great effort followed by stretches of being disengaged. The underpinning key for successfully finding balance, is being flexible. To that point, I have been trying to be very flexible to bumps in the road and interruptions. Or understanding that sweet spots of productivity don’t always align to your preferences. Flexibility is the mantra, the Ying and Yang.  


I just finished reading “An Innocent Abroad,” from Lonely Planet. The collection captures 35 amazing stories of turning fear and the pitfalls of travel into life changing experiences that would never have been realized had they all stayed in their comfort zones. The general theme I took from the book was flexibility and adaptability. Letting the adventure come to you and letting yourself be changed by it. I hope to keep apply these philosophical insights to my life going forward. 


Talk about having to be adaptable. Sometimes the gym pool is closed. Sometimes your body says no. Sometimes the yoga instructor has no idea what they are doing. Yet, at all times, you can still get something out of it. I am very proud and encouraged by the week of “adaptive” training I went through and I’m looking forward to my first race of the year this coming week.


People come into your life for seasons. You have to be flexible to the natural ebb and flow of the sticky-ness of relationships. Being able to pick up like no time has past is important skill to develop and even harder to achieve. I try to enter every meeting with nothing carried over from the last, and I think that helps. Then again, I do acknowledge that there are some people who I just can’t be bothered with, but I am challenging myself to work past that. 

I leave you with pictures from concerts, nights out, and afternoons at the dog park.


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